These are my musings on love, sweat, & living the dream.
Consider them a high five for your heart, served with a side order of ice cream…

’cause life is seriously delicious.

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That’s A Corker


Adding In An Extra Hour To Your Day

For the past two weeks, I’ve been in full content creation mode. Over 16,000 words have been written about creating personal breakthroughs through sweat, what it means to be a great people manager, and how to build a culture of high performance even before your...
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The Dirty Truth About Living Consistently

Integrity. Goals. Health. Courage. Community. Family. Kindness. Doing my best. These are the things I care about. When I prepare to teach a yoga class, I prepare to bring my best. When I have a free Sunday, I want to spend it with friends and...
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Conversations That Matter – Kent Brun Podcast

There is something magical about having a conversation late at night, in a warm kitchen, with a little puppy scampering around your feet. It’s even more lovely when the conversation is with Kent Brun. Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to sit down with...
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No Wires Required

Every eye movement, facial muscle activation, and body temperature fluctuation was translated into a line on the screen in front of me. There I was, as a series of lines. Hiroko, from the Vancouver Brain Lab, had invited me to come into her clinic for...
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Celebrating My Book-iversary

2 years ago today, my book was released into the hands of friends and family while we raised a glass of bubbles together and toasted to goals being achieved. At that point in time, that was primarily what my book meant to me. A goal achieved....
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