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Big Love & Kind Words

Good stuff always comes straight from the source

  • Josh Drummond, St. George’s School

    “I have always been a motivated person, however, I recently found myself having achieved my goals and at a stand still, not know what to strive for next. When I was invited to participate in Matt’s holistic approach to vision and goal setting, I was all in! His personal, connection based approach challenged me to reflect on my thoughts and fears and the physical reactions attached to them This opened me up to creating a whole new vision, complete with constantly evolving goals for a vibrant future.”

    - Josh Drummond, St. George’s School
  • Sahil Dhingra, UBC Student Olympic Collaborative

    “Matt is a one of a kind individual. With a smart business acumen and aptitude for leadership, I was very impressed by his teamwork, preparation and enthusiasm. Matt always seems to be smiling and upbeat, and it is easy to see why he is so good at entertaining and engaging an audience. Our conference was a huge success due to Matt’s organization and professionalism, and I would not hesitate at all to have him again at a future event.”

    - Sahil Dhingra, UBC Student Olympic Collaborative
  • Rana Hakami, Simon Fraser University

    “When I was working as the training & programming manager at SFU, my colleagues & I were looking to add something new to our staff training that would motivate and inspire our students. When asked to help, Matt really went out on a limb & created a custom session for us. Not only did it stick with those 65 students, but the year after I had new staff asking me if we were going to have a session “like Matt Corker’s” for them. His concepts were quoted peer to peer from returning staff to new staff, and applied in action countless times. I’m proud to know Matt and be able to call on him as a friend, mentor, and motivational extraordinaire.”

    - Rana Hakami, Simon Fraser University
  • Jonathon Carkner, lululemon athletica

    “He captivates his audience with his charismatic personality, charming smile, and above all, his willingness to be vulnerable. He draws on his life experience and shares from a place of authenticity and love. His “truth bombs” will blow your mind.”

    - Jonathon Carkner, lululemon athletica
  • Jolanta Lekich, Dr. Simon KY Lee Global Lounge

    Matt’s workshop about finding a vision and mantra for the Dr. Simon KY Lee Global Lounge was interactive, engaging and informative. The workshop got our group thinking differently about our space, its functions and the community we have and want to create within it. Without this two hour workshop we’d still be trying to create a mission statement – the workshop helped us take the first steps to where we needed to go!

    - Jolanta Lekich, Dr. Simon KY Lee Global Lounge
  • Catherine Metrycki, UBC Student Leadership Conference

    When my co-workers promised that Matt’s session would be outstanding, I chose to bring the platinum sponsor of the conference to his workshop – and he exceeded both my and the COO’s expectations. Matt is an extraordinary presenter, a dynamic speaker who delivers concrete tools in an interactive and engaging format.

    - Catherine Metrycki, UBC Student Leadership Conference
  • Antonio Zivanovic, CEO, Corporate Occupational Solutions

    “Matt is a highly effective communicator with a gift for empowering people to realize their vision and set goals for success. His enthusiasm, attention to detail and ability to relate to a broad group of individuals are a short list of the myriad skills he possesses. Matt is our ‘go-to’ vision and goals coach; hire him today and be inspired to live a life of possibility.”

    - Antonio Zivanovic, CEO, Corporate Occupational Solutions


That's A Corker!

19 August

Restoration: Does This Serve Me?

Now comes the analysis. Now comes the “making sense of it all” part. Now comes the separation of what works and what doesn’t work. Sidenote: Some people like to jump right in to this stage of restoration without doing the work beforehand. However, by not indulging in all the feelings and emotions of a less […]

15 August

Find Your Moment

There are moments in my life where I feel like I can catch my breath again. Where everything fades away for just a few seconds and all I can feel is extreme gratitude for that moment. When a friend meets up with me for breakfast and gives me the tough love I need to snap […]

11 August

Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May

Death has a way of derailing the regularly scheduled program. Or, at least, our regularly scheduled program. Today, Robin Williams passed away. He was the first actor I looked up to when I was growing up. His Genie introduced me to the art of doing it all. Shifting. Transforming. His Batty painted a world where […]