These are my musings on love, sweat, & living the dream.
Consider them a high five for your heart, served with a side order of ice cream…

’cause life is seriously delicious.

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That’s A Corker


What’s Stopping You?

11,000 people were asked “what stands between you and where you want to be?” I thought about my answer and immediately began to consider all the “other things” standing between me and my goals. What it truly came down to though, was not what stood...
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Instructions For Life: How To Be A Person

Being an avid scholar of development theory translates into my bookshelves being full of leadership principles, my event calendar resembling a self-help curriculum, and my social feeds being taken over by inspirational leaders’ articles, pictures, and video webinars. One of my favourite things to do...
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Three Things Worth Changing For

How many coaches does it take to change a lightbulb? One – but the lightbulb has to want to change. The catch here is that no one wants to change unless the current situation no longer serves them. This usually means one or more of...
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Command Your Career: Introducing PILOT

Sometimes the best option is quitting. Quit your job. Quit your horrible boss. Quit making a shitty situation ok. Other times you should quit something else. Quit your pessimistic approach to your job. Quit your horrible attitude. Quit making your shitty situation someone else’s fault....
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