These are my musings on love, sweat, & living the dream.
Consider them a high five for your heart, served with a side order of ice cream…

’cause life is seriously delicious.

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The Dirty Truth About Living Consistently

Integrity. Goals. Health. Courage. Community. Family. Kindness. Doing my best. These are the things I care about. When I prepare to teach a yoga class, I prepare to bring my best. When I have a free Sunday, I want to spend it with friends and...
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Conversations That Matter – Kent Brun Podcast

There is something magical about having a conversation late at night, in a warm kitchen, with a little puppy scampering around your feet. It’s even more lovely when the conversation is with Kent Brun. Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to sit down with...
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No Wires Required

Every eye movement, facial muscle activation, and body temperature fluctuation was translated into a line on the screen in front of me. There I was, as a series of lines. Hiroko, from the Vancouver Brain Lab, had invited me to come into her clinic for...
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Celebrating My Book-iversary

2 years ago today, my book was released into the hands of friends and family while we raised a glass of bubbles together and toasted to goals being achieved. At that point in time, that was primarily what my book meant to me. A goal achieved....
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Crush Hush Retreat 2016: The Space Between

The Distrikt has a special place in my life. Not only are the workouts worth driving across a bridge for, the people that work out there are truly quality humans. This past weekend, I had the joy of attending the annual Crush Hush Retreat (#champjubilee)...
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