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These are my musings on love, sweat, and living the dream. Consider them a high five for your heart, served with a side order of ice cream. ’cause life is seriously delicious.

Top 8 Posts of 2016

Some of these posts are amazing. Others I thought were complete garbage. Yet, what I am amazed at time and time again, is that my inner critic is not always in cahoots with what you actually read. So thank you for showing up and reading – and giving my inner critic a swift kick in the patoot.

To celebrate the close of 2016, here is a recap of some of your favourite posts:

1) Quit your job. Buy a ticket. Get a tan. Fall in love. Never return.

“… They traveled to Thailand together right before he died. Her pictures of that trip were all of him wearing that motto and it didn’t sit well with her that the last line was “never return.” So she emailed the founder of the company to ask for the inspiration behind the final line. This is what he wrote back…”

2) Fajitas and Forevers

“… Him: I was trying to figure out how best to do this. Yet this feels perfect. Because every ordinary day with you is extraordinary.
Me: (all the tears!)
Him: Will you spend forever with me?”

3) The 30th Surprise: This Is Life In Colour

“… It was a plethora of my favourite people all gathered together. In one room. I could hardly believe my eyes.
And then I realized … I got plaaaaaaayed!”

4) The 18 Things To Accomplish Before Turning 30

“… I reached out to some of my favourite friends, role models, business owners, and pre-1986’ers to see what their take on the question ‘what would you advise others to ‘accomplish’ by the time they are 30.’ This was the list we created.”

5) Checklists, Five Dates & One Question

“…My partner acts like a mirror that I look at myself through. I can choose to ignore what I see or I can choose to do something about it.”

6) Creating The Ideal Life: A Year After Lululemon

“… As I shared my vision in the training, I had a wave of emotion come over me. ‘Oh my word. This IS my life!’It stopped me for a moment as I read it aloud – a slight quiver in my voice.”

7) It Wasn’t Supposed To Happen Like This

“… I looked up at them as the officers denied me entry and told me that I would have to go back to Vancouver to fix the problem. There was a whole lot of disbelief on my face … and even more nervousness. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.”

8) Finding Your Passion Is Overrated

“… The common complaint among a lot of people is that they need to ‘find their passion.’
I call bullshit. You already found your passion, you’re just ignoring it.”

What do you think?