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These are my musings on love, sweat, and living the dream. Consider them a high five for your heart, served with a side order of ice cream. ’cause life is seriously delicious.

The Highlights of 2017 – A Thank You

Every December, Steph and I wrap up our calendar and business year by doing a full recap of our lives – in every aspect. This year we updated the questions we ask ourselves (we’re sharing our process in the next edition of the Corkboard, so be sure to sign up to get your copy).

One of the questions we ask is “who made this year special? why?”

So, in the name of closing off a year and starting a new one with a huge dose of gratitude, here are the people I’d like to say thank you to for making the year so special:

Team OhMaGawdYes! – Warren, Laura, & Jen

Thank you for being the best darn lip-sync battle teammates I could have asked for. It’s no secret how much I love LipserviceYVR and to come away as champions this year with you … simply the best. And, let’s be honest, I’ve already started dreaming up songs for 2018’s performance….

The Copenhagen Contingent

Thanks to Lorah for organizing our 5 year MBA reunion at CBS this summer.
To Martin for bringing together great people to celebrate your birthday … and then at midnight wishing me a happy birthday with a traditional Danish cakeman. Only you would turn a celebration of you into a night for others to feel just as special.
To the Copenhagen Yoga Festival for having me as a presenter this year. I hope this is the start of a beautiful tradition!
And to the newest Copie transplants – Jaryd and Ayla – for giving me another reason to come back to that great city and for learning how to play board games in Danish with me.

Anton and Dages – yoga teachers extraordinaire

Anton – your continual belief in me as a member of your Sacred Fig yoga teacher training faculty is both comforting and personally challenging. Thank you for letting me share what lights my life up. (ps. see you in Bali again soon!)
Dages – thank you for introducing me to the magical world of Katonah Yoga.
To both of you for being such aspirational and inspirational teachers of the work you embody and love.

Aaron and Jake from Movement108

I had a goal this year – to host a debt free wedding with the best body and mind to boot. #totalhealth
Jake and Aaron stepped in to help me with the best body part. A strict weight training program (that included movements this yogi would never usually do), an encouraging comment as more resistance was added, and a personable demeanour that made coming back for each session that much easier. Thank you for helping me achieve my goal – and secretly become addicted to lifting heavy things.

Ange and Ellison – West Coast Trail-blazers!

These two hiking vets took this first-timer on the West Coast Trail this summer… having never done any form of overnight camping before. Ange, your instructions and predictions about how much food and fuel we would need was on point. Ellison, your photography skills and hilarious conversation starters will never be undervalued. Thank you for taking me on an adventure I will never forget!

Sean and Amanda – parents of our godson

Chad and I were ecstatic when you asked us to be Cole’s godparents. (We love both of your little nuggets so much!) Yet that moment when we were standing in front of the entire congregation of the Catholic church, I realized that what your request stood for was much bigger than us. It was a big deal to have us up there – for the family, for the congregation, and for that church’s relationship with the LGBT community. Thank you for being our siblings(-in-law) and being such a great example of the type of parents we want to be like.

Ben Owens – exposing photographer

There are only so many men I’ve gotten naked in front of…
Checking off #76 on my 100 Before 100, I want to thank you for creating the space for me to bare it all comfortably in front of your camera.

Jason Mraz

Thank you for always providing the perfect excuse to escape the city with my man and see you perform – be it in LA for your 40th birthday concert or in NYC for your Broadway debut in the musical Waitress. Your performances are brilliant.

That’s My Jam-ers!

Warren gets another shout out here for helping make our dream of a music trivia event in Vancouver a reality. That’s My Jam is now heading into it’s fourth volume this spring – with proceeds continuing to go to the Red Fox Society. Thanks to everyone who came to play and raise money for youth leadership and movement programs.

The Equinox community

It’s been over a year of teaching yoga on Tuesday nights and Friday mornings at Equinox and I must admit, my weeks are better when I get to see you there on the mat. The more you come, the more you progress. The more you progress, the more it pushes me to be a better and more refined teacher. It is this mutually beneficial relationship that makes Tuesday nights especially special. We’ve got each other’s back. And I can’t wait to see you again this year.


Sis, Lawrence, and Sim – this year couldn’t have happened without a great team to turn to at work. Together we’ve conquered time zones, tough pitches, tight turnarounds, offer letters and workshops, website and newsletter upgrades, postcards and bike kits, DisruptHR YVRs and secret breakfasts, and everything in between. Thank you for always being the ones I look forward to seeing when I walk into our office.

Everyone involved in #TheClarkers

This year I got to marry the man of my dreams. It almost goes without saying that the person who made the largest impact in my life this past year is Chad. And, it deserves to be said. Because I don’t want, for one second, to take his support, his patience, or his willingness to take out the recycling for granted. He puts up with my crazy in ways only he knows how to.
So, he wins.

Matt Corker & Chad Clark. Est. Oct 21, 2017 ❤️ #theclarkers

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My sis and the Tofino crew went above and beyond the weekend before the wedding to host a truly “Matt Corker bachelor party” – board games and green juice included.
And the family and friends that traveled near and far, the amazing team of vendors we had, the yoga teachers that started the day, the wedding party that escaped to the mountains with us afterward, the musicians and DJ, and everyone who worked behind the scenes on our wedding day… I have no words. You truly made that day the highlight of my year. Thank you.

Thank you all for the incredible year that was 2017. Amongst all the crazy going on in the world, it was still a year of massive love, supportive communities, and will be one for the memory books.
And now, it’s time to create another one.
Let’s do this 2018!

What do you think?