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The 7 Things That Surprised Me About Camp Yoga BC 2016

1. It wasn’t all yoga

Camp Yoga was a weekend of being a kid again. As the name suggests, there were lots of opportunities to do yoga. Yet the schedule of activities included everything from tabata training and kettlebells, to high ropes courses, archery, canoeing, and late night meditation. It was actually summer camp. Dining hall dinners and late night cabin chats included.

2. Choosing a different bell

We were asked to find a group of four to work with in our kettlebell class. We’d be sharing one kettlebell and using it to practice our technique and then working out with. Needless to say, the gents I grouped with were a tad larger than me and so I was ready to work to keep up. They brought over a bell I had never swung with before.
A few reps with that weight? No problem, I thought.
A 15 minute circuit with it? Oh… things got real.

The surprising thing – the weight felt great. Maybe it was because it was the first class of camp and my body was fresh. Maybe it was the extra camaraderie and support I was feeling from my group mates. Maybe it was because I didn’t know what I was capable of truly working with.
It’s safer to play within my edge, but until I test it, I don’t really know where that edge is.

3. The juxtaposition between doing it all … and sleeping

The schedule was full. The options were plentiful. And the kid in me wanted to do all the things.
I registered for a balance of activities – at least one yoga, strength, and chill activity each day. I thought that was going to be my best bet. What I didn’t take into consideration was that it was still my weekend, and my body wanted to recharge.
So by Saturday afternoon, I changed the plan and voted for a mid-day nap instead of taking another class.

Can we talk about how good naps are for a second? Sleep. It’s my secret weapon!


4. No wifi is better than some wifi

We were told that the cell phone service was going to be slim if not non-existent at camp well in advance, so I was prepared for a weekend of disconnecting. Upon arrival, we were greeted with lovely signs that said “please enjoy our free wifi” which got me all excited to post photos and share the experience. However, connecting to the wifi was easier said than done and, in the end, not worth the hassle. That didn’t stop me from trying at least five more times to connect throughout the weekend though.
The possibility of connecting was more frustrating than not being connected at all.
The possibility created more tension than the actual situation.

Where else does this show up in our lives?
The possibility of finding a new job you love creates more tension than showing up for the mediocre one you have.
The possibility of him being the guy of your dreams requires more effort than staying on the couch and not going on the date.
Goals can both frustrate and inspire you … more than you experience if you never had them in the first place.


5. Mother Nature made a glorious comeback

I packed for rain. The weather forecast called for heavy all day rain. Friday afternoon and all day Saturday saw sheets of rain pour down onto camp. The fun never stopped, yet we were really wet.
Then, plot twist, we wake up on the last day of camp to a beautiful blue sky and a sun shining brightly down on us.
A savasana and a sun tan? Yes please!


6. Camp best friends were made

Heading to camp with previous colleagues, entrepreneur buddies, the girlfriend of a best friend, and the people I train with/under was why I signed up. I wanted a weekend to reconnect with the great people in my life outside of coffee chats or workout debriefs.

In particular, I wanted to hang out with Aaron De Jong. (I’m glad the feeling was mutual otherwise that would have made for quite the creeper story.) ADJ is not only an incredible fitness coach, he also is a great leader of his team, and an even more remarkable leader of himself. After bus rides, board games, dance parties, and sweaty fun together – I’m really glad to say that I made a camp best friend.
But unlike summer camp, this friendship doesn’t stop when we say goodbye at the end of it all. And for that, I am super grateful for. (Thanks ADJ for making this weekend a great one!)


7. Cuddle Puddle karaoke was better than any savasana

There may be instagram videos circulating of a giant pile of people singing Adele while limbs and bodies are all intertwined. Never sang Hello in a cuddle puddle before?

Lifetime memory right there.

So if you’re heading to the next Camp Yoga in Canmore or Parry Sound, make sure you sign up for Power Jams class with Chesley. It’s the signature class of Camp Yoga (with the founder of it all) that takes yoga, camp games, and dance parties to another level.


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