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RECESS | Come play with us!

You’re in your usual seat, in the same row you always sit each day for class.
You’ve drowned out the boredom with the tapping of your pen on your notebook.
You look up at the clock on the wall – five more minutes.
You start to plow through the last bit of work – five minutes worth of energy – the final push.

The bell rings and it is absolute euphoria!


This March, we’re bringing back playtime.
We know you’re busy. We know you need a break.
We know you want to travel, eat well, workout, and meet awesome people along the way.

RECESS is a 7-day retreat in Nicaragua full of fitness, yoga, adventure, and connection that Muscle Miche and I are leading.

Each day will be beautifully balanced. Some intelligent, sweat-inducing workouts with some well-deserved relaxation. Some group activities with lots of space to do your own thing. We believe in choice, so each day you get to select from a number of optional activities. Oh – and we eat really good food. That was a major requirement for us.

We are staying at Apoyo Lodge – with the studio overlooking the lake we are staying on and the nearby volcano. #beautiful


The early bird pricing is available until Jan 31st ($943 USD).

You can register today to reserve your spot here.

PS. We only have 14 spots left, so don’t delay!

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