I’m a small town boy who grew up believing anything was possible. Now I’m not so small,

…and not much has changed.

I could stroke my ego here and tell you all about my credentials.

  • BCOM. Valedictorian. Sauder School of Business @ the University of British Columbia.
  • MBA. Leadership Award. Copenhagen Business School.
  • 200 HR Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher. Radiantly Alive Yoga. The Sacred Fig.
  • Worked at Business Objects, UBC, & lululemon athletica before starting The Corker Co
  • Worked with Olympic & Ironman athletes, business execs and aspiring entrepreneurs in retail, hospitality, & tech.
  • Certified lightyear leadership Level Two licensee. Studied Integral Coaching.
  • Speaker in ‘standing room only’ spaces.

And that may be important for some of you. I get that.

What I really want you to know are the moments that encourage me to continue to do what I do.

  • That moment when the email I receive from a client saying “I actually did it” arrives two years earlier than I was expecting.
  • When that burst of laughter erupts in my yoga class right before they go back into their least favourite pose.
  • When that smile beams across her face as I cheer her along towards another finish line.
  • When that chat with an audience member following my keynote keeps her from taking her life that night.
  • That moment when I wake up, look at my schedule, and can’t tell whether I am working or playing all day.
  • When I hear a heart-felt thank you.
  • When the roles reverse and someone uses my own truthbombs to stop me from getting in my own way.