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These are my musings on love, sweat, and living the dream. Consider them a high five for your heart, served with a side order of ice cream. ’cause life is seriously delicious.

Hustlin’ With Heart – The Behind The Scenes Of Bali

I participated in Chasing Sunrise‘s 21 Damn Early Days in January. It was a practice of waking up at 4:20 am every morning and using those extra hours to do something useful before the world woke up. (Huge hat tip to Julien and Gordon for organizing this event!)

My usual wake-up time is around 5:20 am as I teach or take classes around the 6 am timeframe (my favourite!) – so my morning routine adjustment wasn’t very large. I didn’t see the impact in the moment. It was fun to have friends up at the same time as me and texting each other notes of encouragement to start the day though.

When I went to Bali to be part of The Sacred Fig teacher training, the roosters woke up at 4:30 am. Not a surprise, but a sweet sweet reminder of what rising with the sun really means. 4 am in Bali is also noon in Vancouver. Meaning from 4-9 am Bali time is the back half of the workday on the west coast. So conference calls and online meetings all happened in the wee hours of my mornings while I was away.

While January’s waking time didn’t seem like it had a large impact on me in the moment, it was as if it was training for the hustle in Bali. Wake up, brush my teeth, plug in my earbuds, and jump on a call – all before the first rooster crowed.

Brushing my teeth – that was the key. Clean your mouth before you speak into the world.

This past weekend, I was asked at a party how my trip to Bali was. And the real truth I told the questioner was that the entrepreneurial game gets glamorous when Instagramming bikes rides in paradise and yoga poses by the pool. But it’s in those moments when the true passion, the true business acumen, and when the true focus on the future shines through.

Do I sit by the pool relaxing or do I make five more phone calls?
Do I write out my game plan for the next 24 months or do I explore that new cafe in town?
Do I land the deal now or wait til I get home to reconnect with my clients?

These are not either/or scenarios. (Cause I love me some pool time!) They are simply questions of how much I want it? How much do I care about my clients? How committed am I to the future we are creating? How much do I love what I do?

One of my commitments this year was to “hustle with heart.”
Not burnout. Not with sleep deprivation. Not with push push push, harder harder harder.
With heart. With so much care about the people and our future that I’d rather do the work now than put it off any longer.

21 Damn Early Days was training for the big game of Bali.

What are you going to do in the next 21 days to shift your readiness to play a bigger game this year?

What do you think?