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Being a gay man in today’s world is an adventure. While some of us proudly display our sexual orientation for all to see, others leave the feather boa or boyfriend in the closet. Depending on what channel you’re tuned to, you may hear voices of acceptance and love or voices of judgement and resentment. It can also be challenging at times to decipher friend from foe – be them on the street, at work, at home or even within ourselves. This adventure towards a fully expressed life taught me many lessons and distinctions along the way.

This book is a collection of those thoughts, situations, and perspectives that have allows me to move from feeling alone and abnormal to feeling loved and connected.

The invitation offered through this book is to take action.
To take the next step on your journey or to have that conversation.
To share your love authentically with those around you.
To love yourself – weird freckles and all.

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On June 18th, 2014 we kicked off the release of this book to the world with a little Book Launch Party.
Check out
these photos to see what that celebration was like.