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31 Lessons From The Last 365

Last night we were eating and dancing and laughing with new and old friends as we celebrated Martin’s 40th birthday at his family home in the countryside of Denmark. It was a ruckus, it was filled with love, and it was a true testament to the type of person Martin is to those in his life.

At midnight, he corralled all the guests in the main room again and made an announcement.
Midnight marked the start of my birthday so they played me their favourite birthday song as his mom revealed the homemade cake she had made me. Being miles away from family and loved ones for my birthday this year had put any idea of celebrations on the backburner. So their sneaky surprise was truly heartwarming.

This morning I woke up late, took my time getting ready, stopped by to cheer on the strangers racing in Ironman Copenhagen (… #irontribe-ing is in my blood!), and got comfortable in my favourite juice bar in Copenhagen. It was nice to have the space to consolidate my thoughts from this last year before heading out for dinner + board games (yes, there is a cafe here with floor to ceiling board games open til midnight … reason #5093 why I love this city) with the newest Vancouver transplants to Copenhagen (Jaryd and Ayla)!

This last rotation around the sun has reminded and taught me:

  1. Mentors come and go based on what is needed next in my development. While the letting go can be uncomfortable, the next chapter requires the perspectives and leadership from new leaders.
  2. Don’t get caught up in the competition for clients. Continue to play in new spaces where there is room to bring our best freely.
  3. Celebrating love is the best. Especially when it involves Steph and Dave #teammatesforlife
  4. Some races aren’t personal bests. And when I do my best and have fun, I can still look back and be proud of what I did accomplish.
  5. Give gifts that help cross off bucket list items. (Thanks for the headlamp Ange – the West Coast Trail wouldn’t have been the same without it -slash- you!)
  6. Always double check my travel visa before getting on the international flight.
  7. Running a business and launching a new product while being time zones away is possible – and not highly recommended.
  8. Breakdowns always come before the break through.
  9. The Five Date Rule is proving to be successful for others. And the skeptics that are single who don’t do it are, well, still single.
  10. Road trips are an easy yes! Be it across a tropical island in the name of cookies, into the interior to have a goal-instigating double date, or through the pacific northwest rainforest in search of new trails or new waves – the conversations, playlists, and quality time take the cake.
  11. When running out of gas is inevitable, I choose how I enjoy the ride on the last fumes in the tank.
  12. I am most effective when I am held the most accountable – for my actions, my words, and for my life.
  13. Education is a brilliant force in raising my awareness of social justice, privilege, and intersectionality. I can always listen to learn more.
  14. Listening isn’t enough. White men like me need to speak up (particularly to other white men) to share what I’ve learned to help each other see my/our role in perpetuating the problems and my/our role in eliminating them.
  15. Eating apples and drinking apple juice is the secret to keeping the vocal chords happy while doing voice-over recordings.
  16. Tuesday night yoga class is sacred. The people that show up make it so.
  17. A great life is created when I commit to something first, and then figure out how I’m going to make it happen. Analysis paralysis is real – and strong yes’s are sexy.
  18. Friends that will lipsync with you in front of hundreds of people are a special kind of friend. #champions
  19. “Just tell the truth.” – Steph Corker Frey
  20. Being supportive does not mean being a push over.
  21. Doing things alone is not a bad thing. It does take some getting used to though.
  22. Working on creative projects with amazing artists lights my fire. Stay tuned for what’s coming!
  23. “Labels are part of language. And language is part of communication. And communication is part of love.” – Ellison
  24. Primary partners don’t need to want or like the same things all the time. The reason it works is because of our differences. The most important thing though is to enjoy being with each other. Then it doesn’t matter what we do.
  25. If I don’t fully believe in it, it’s really hard to organize or promote it.
  26. Yoga. Frig, yoga is the ultimate energetic reset button for me to show up as my best.
  27. Dance parties in Bali are the greatest form of not taking myself so seriously.
  28. Sharing the places and experiences I love with others lights me up. Not because I want them to like/enjoy those places or experiences, but rather I want people who I care about to have someone in their life that is lit up.
  29. If I ever want to experience the internal edge of “I want to give up right now” – run a half marathon, take The Class by Taryn Toomey, and dive into an ice plunge.
  30. Plant goods seeds by helping others.
  31. There is always a way to make it easy. The drama, the back-and-forth, the uncertainty … I add those into my life. So if I can add them in, I can also take responsibility for taking them out.

With such gratitude to the great teachers, mentors, activists, family members, friends, and the love of my life for helping make the last 365 rich with lessons.

Tusind tak fra danmark!


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  1. Chris

    I’m glad you’re family. Keeps it interesting. Lots of love on your birthday. We’re thinking of you.

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