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#101: Birthday Hugs (for free)

So many things are worth writing about this morning.

1. When worlds collide, magic happens.
Watching my friends from Copie interact with my friends and family who flew in from corners of the world to be here this week has been amazing. Smiles, laughs, and tons of fun has been the menu for the past week. Unreal.

2. Noma – the world’s best restaurant – does not dissappoint.
An entire post will be written just about the experience we had here, so stay tuned.

3. Graduation was a blast.
It was fufilling to cross that stage with such great people and to celebrate with people I down-to-the-core LOVE. I was even given the honour of receiving the Leadership Award and saying a few words. Pretty humbling to say the least.

4. My friends amaze me.
To celebrate my birthday, they organized a surprise gathering where we’d walk up Strogøt and give out free hugs – to spread some good cheer AND cross off an item off my 100 before 100 (“Give out free hugs overseas.”)

We then came back to the pad where I was surprised with a Danish “Cake Man.” Traditionally given out at birthday parties for little kids (fitting, as I was the youngest in the class), this guy was a huge danish covered in icing and candy. I can see why the kids love it. HUGE thanks to those that made last night memorable!

The epic birthday adventure continues today. We are heading to the castle Shakespeare was inspired by to write Hamlet. A little “to be or not to be” contemplation seems appropriate, yes?


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